Each kit includes:

  • 2 assembled Glass H4 DOT spec 7″ housings
  • 2 LED bulbs.
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Due to high demand for a smaller more compact LED headlight for tight fitting applications we’re proud to introduce the new VCm35.

This model uses our proven VC3500 series CSP LED chipset and is designed to fit in even the smallest confines.


Using an innovative miniaturized LED driver and a 4000 rpm brushless ball bearing fan, we’ve been able to eliminate the external heatsink and fit the entire assembly within the headlight housing without compromising the beam pattern or light output.

The VCm35 is only 6mm longer than a standard halogen headlight. This makes it suitable for use in custom headlight enclosures, motorcycles, and other applications previously too small for our other models.

Using an innovative miniaturized LED driver and a 4000 rpm brushless ball bearing fan, we’ve been able to eliminate the external heatsink and fit the entire assembly within the headlight housing without compromising the beam pattern or light output.

The VCm35 is only 6mm longer than a standard halogen headlight. This makes it suitable for use in custom headlight enclosures, motorcycles, and other applications previously too small for our other models.


The VCm35 retains the same IP67 water proof rating as our other models. This means it is protected from dust, shock and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes It also backed by the same lifetime warranty as every VintagecarLED product.

Please be aware that due to the design limitations there are some compromises with this model. Externally, only the top half of the lens will appear illuminated, and you may be able to hear a slight hum from the cooling fans when the vehicle is at idle. If you have any questions about whether this model is right for your vehicle, please reach out to us by phone, chat or email.

Each kit includes two assembled Glass H4 DOT spec 7″ housings with 2 LED bulbs.



Additional information


7 Inch

Bulb Type





DC 12V – 24V




30,000 Run Hours


6500Kelvin (Pure White)

Operating Temperature

-40F to 180F


Full Kit – Pair of 2, Half Kit – Single ONLY 1

Our headlights are built to fit almost every model of classic cars.

Vintage cars from around the globe had 1 of 4 headlight sizes/types (see below). Based on the look of your vehicle, we can identify the headlight that works for you.


7 Inch Round

Two total headlights, one round headlight on each side.


5.75″ Round

Four total headlights, two round headlights on each side.


200MM Rectangular

Two total headlights, one rectangular headlight on each side.


100MM Rectangular

Four total headlights, two rectangular headlights on each side.

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Vehicle Compatibility

Note: this list is not comprehensive. Please verify the size on your vehicle. All VW vehicles U.S. Spec models with sealed beams & 12 volt electrical

Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1992 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1993 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1994 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1995 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1996 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1997 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1998 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 1999 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 2000 All
AMC GENERAL Hummer 2001 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1988 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1989 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1990 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1991 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1992 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1993 All
Alfa Romeo Spider 1994 All
American Gremlin 1970 All
American Gremlin 1971 All
American Gremlin 1972 All
American Gremlin 1973 All
American Gremlin 1974 All
American Gremlin 1975 All
American Gremlin 1976 All
American Gremlin 1977 All
American Gremlin 1978 All
American Hornet 1970 All
American Hornet 1972 All
American Hornet 1973 All
American Hornet 1974 All
American Hornet 1975 All
American Hornet 1976 All
American Hornet 1977 All
American Javelin 1968 All
American Javelin 1969 All
American Javelin 1972 All
American Javelin 1973 All
American Javelin 1974 All
American Matador 1974 All
American Matador 1975 All
American Matador 1976 All
American Matador 1977 All
American Matador 1978 All
American Pacer 1975 All
American Pacer 1976 All
American Pacer 1977 All
American Pacer 1978 All
American Pacer 1979 All
American Pacer 1980 All
American Motors AMX 1968 All
American Motors AMX 1969 All
American Motors AMX 1970 All
American Motors AMX 1972 All
American Motors AMX 1978 All
Audi Fox 1973 All
Audi Fox 1974 All
Audi Fox 1975 All
Audi Fox 1976 All
Audi Super 90 1969 All
Audi Super 90 1970 All
Audi Super 90 1971 All
Audi Super 90 1972 All
Austin Mini Cooper 1969 All
BMW 1600 1969 All
BMW 1600 1970 All
BMW 1600 1971 All
BMW 1600-2 1969 All
BMW 1600-2 1970 All
BMW 1600-2 1971 All
BMW 1602 1969 All
BMW 1602 1970 All
BMW 1602 1971 All
BMW 2000 1969 All
BMW 2000c 1969 All
BMW 2000cs 1969 All
BMW 2000ti 1969 All
BMW 2000tii 1969 All
BMW 2002 1969 All
BMW 2002 1970 All
BMW 2002 1971 All
BMW 2002 1972 All
BMW 2002 1973 All
BMW 2002ti 1969 All
BMW 2002ti 1970 All
BMW 2002ti 1971 All
BMW 2002ti 1972 All
BMW 2002ti 1973 All
BMW 2002tii 1969 All
BMW 2002tii 1970 All
BMW 2002tii 1971 All
BMW 2002tii 1972 All
BMW 2002tii 1973 All
Bertone X-1/9 1984 All
Bertone X-1/9 1985 All
Bertone X-1/9 1986 All
Bertone X-1/9 1987 All
Bertone X-1/9 1988 All
Bertone X-1/9 1989 All
Buick Apollo 1973 All
Buick Apollo 1974 All
Buick Apollo 1975 All
Buick Century 1973 All
Buick Century 1974 All
Buick Century 1975 All
Buick Opel 1976 All
Buick Opel 1977 All
Buick Opel 1978 All
Buick Regal 1973 All
Buick Regal 1974 All
Buick Regal 1975 All
Buick Skylark  1975 All
Buick Skylark  1976 All
Buick Skylark  1977 All
Buick Skylark  1978 All
Buick Skylark  1979 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1969 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1970 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1971 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1972 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1973 All
Chevrolet Blazer 1974 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1969 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1970 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1971 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1972 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1973 All
Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1974 All
Chevrolet Camaro 1967 All
Chevrolet Camaro 1968 All
Chevrolet Camaro 1969 All
Chevrolet Nova 1968 All
Chevrolet Nova 1969 All
Chevrolet Nova 1970 All
Chevy C10 1975 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1969 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1970 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1971 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1972 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1973 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1974 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1975 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1976 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1977 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1978 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1979 All
Chevy C10 Suburban 1980 All
Chevy C11 1976 All
Chevy C12 1977 All
Chevy C13 1978 All
Chevy C14 1979 All
Chevy C15 1980 All
Chevy C20 1975 All
Chevy C20 1976 All
Chevy C20 1977 All
Chevy C20 1978 All
Chevy C20 1979 All
Chevy C20 1980 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1969 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1970 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1971 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1972 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1973 All
Chevy C20 Pickup 1974 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1969 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1970 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1971 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1972 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1973 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1974 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1975 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1976 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1977 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1978 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1979 All
Chevy C20 Suburban 1980 All
Chevy C30 1975 All
Chevy C30 1976 All
Chevy C30 1977 All
Chevy C30 1978 All
Chevy C30 1979 All
Chevy C30 1980 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1969 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1970 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1971 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1972 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1973 All
Chevy C30 Pickup 1974 All
Chevy Camaro 1967 All
Chevy Camaro 1968 All
Chevy Camaro 1969 All
Chevy Camaro 1970 All
Chevy Camaro 1971 All
Chevy Camaro 1972 All
Chevy Camaro 1973 All
Chevy Camaro 1974 All
Chevy Camaro 1975 All
Chevy Camaro 1976 All
Chevy Camaro 1977 All
Chevy Camaro 1978 All
Chevy Camaro 1979 All
Chevy Camaro 1980 All
Chevy Camaro 1981 All
Chevy Chevelle 1971 All
Chevy Chevelle 1972 All
Chevy Chevelle 1973 All
Chevy Chevette 1976 All
Chevy Chevette 1977 All
Chevy Chevette 1978 All
Chevy Chevy II 1963 All
Chevy Chevy II 1964 All
Chevy Chevy II 1965 All
Chevy Chevy II 1966 All
Chevy Chevy II 1967 All
Chevy Chevy II 1968 All
Chevy El Camino 1971 All
Chevy El Camino 1972 All
Chevy El Camino 1973 All
Chevy El Camino 1974 All
Chevy El Camino 1975 All
Chevy G10 1975 All
Chevy G10 1976 All
Chevy G10 1977 All
Chevy G10 1978 All
Chevy G10 1979 All
Chevy G10 1980 All
Chevy G10 1981 All
Chevy G10 1982 All
Chevy G10 1983 All
Chevy G10 1984 All
Chevy G10 1985 All
Chevy G10 1986 All
Chevy G10 1987 All
Chevy G10 Van 1969 All
Chevy G10 Van 1970 All
Chevy G10 Van 1971 All
Chevy G10 Van 1972 All
Chevy G10 Van 1973 All
Chevy G10 Van 1974 All
Chevy G20 1975 All
Chevy G20 1976 All
Chevy G20 1977 All
Chevy G20 1978 All
Chevy G20 1979 All
Chevy G20 1980 All
Chevy G20 1981 All
Chevy G20 1982 All
Chevy G20 1983 All
Chevy G20 1984 All
Chevy G20 1985 All
Chevy G20 1986 All
Chevy G20 1987 All
Chevy G20 Van 1969 All
Chevy G20 Van 1970 All
Chevy G20 Van 1971 All
Chevy G20 Van 1972 All
Chevy G20 Van 1973 All
Chevy G20 Van 1974 All
Chevy G30 1975 All
Chevy G30 1976 All
Chevy G30 1977 All
Chevy G30 1978 All
Chevy G30 1979 All
Chevy G30 1980 All
Chevy G30 1981 All
Chevy G30 1982 All
Chevy G30 1983 All
Chevy G30 1984 All
Chevy G30 1985 All
Chevy G30 1986 All
Chevy G30 1987 All
Chevy G30 Van 1971 All
Chevy G30 Van 1972 All
Chevy G30 Van 1973 All
Chevy G30 Van 1974 All
Chevy K10 1975 All
Chevy K10 1976 All
Chevy K10 1977 All
Chevy K10 1978 All
Chevy K10 1979 All
Chevy K10 1980 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1969 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1970 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1971 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1972 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1973 All
Chevy K10 Pickup 1974 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1969 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1970 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1971 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1972 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1973 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1974 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1975 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1976 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1977 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1978 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1979 All
Chevy K10 Suburban 1980 All
Chevy K20 1975 All
Chevy K20 1976 All
Chevy K20 1977 All
Chevy K20 1978 All
Chevy K20 1979 All
Chevy K20 1980 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1969 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1970 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1971 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1972 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1973 All
Chevy K20 Pickup 1974 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1969 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1970 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1971 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1972 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1973 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1974 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1975 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1976 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1977 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1978 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1979 All
Chevy K20 Suburban 1980 All
Chevy K30 1977 All
Chevy K30 1978 All
Chevy K30 1979 All
Chevy K30 1980 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1969 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1970 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1971 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1972 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1973 All
Chevy K30 Pickup 1974 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1975 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1976 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1977 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1978 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1979 All
Chevy K5 Blazer 1980 All
Chevy Laguna 1973 All
Chevy Laguna 1974 All
Chevy Laguna 1975 All
Chevy Lux 1980 All
Chevy Lux 1981 All
Chevy Lux 1982 All
Chevy Malibu 1973 All
Chevy Malibu 1974 All
Chevy Malibu 1975 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1970 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1971 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1972 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1973 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1974 All
Chevy Monte Carlo 1975 All
Chevy Monza 1975 All
Chevy Monza 1976 All
Chevy Monza 1980 All
Chevy Nova 1963 All
Chevy Nova 1964 All
Chevy Nova 1965 All
Chevy Nova 1966 All
Chevy Nova 1967 All
Chevy Nova 1968 All
Chevy Nova 1969 All
Chevy Nova 1970 All
Chevy Nova 1971 All
Chevy Nova 1972 All
Chevy Nova 1973 All
Chevy Nova 1974 All
Chevy Nova 1975 All
Chevy Nova 1976 All
Chevy Nova 1977 All
Chevy Nova 1978 All
Chevy Vega 1971 All
Chevy Vega 1972 All
Chevy Vega 1973 All
Chevy Vega 1974 All
Chevy Vega 1975 All
Chevy Vega 1976 All
Chevy Vega 1977 All
Chrysler Cordoba 1975 All
Chrysler Cordoba 1976 All
Chrysler Cordoba 1977 All
Citroen ID19 1969 All
Dodge 330 1964 All
Dodge 400 1978 All
Dodge 440 1964 All
Dodge A100 Truck 1969 All
Dodge A100 Truck 1970 All
Dodge A108 Van 1969 All
Dodge A108 Van 1970 All
Dodge Aspen 1976 All
Dodge Aspen 1977 All
Dodge Aspen 1978 All
Dodge Aspen 1979 All
Dodge B100 1975 All
Dodge B100 1976 All
Dodge B100 1977 All
Dodge B100 1978 All
Dodge B100 Van 1971 All
Dodge B100 Van 1972 All
Dodge B100 Van 1973 All
Dodge B100 Van 1974 All
Dodge B150 1984 All
Dodge B150 1985 All
Dodge B150 1986 All
Dodge B150 1987 All
Dodge B200 1975 All
Dodge B200 1976 All
Dodge B200 1977 All
Dodge B200 1978 All
Dodge B200 Van 1971 All
Dodge B200 Van 1972 All
Dodge B200 Van 1973 All
Dodge B200 Van 1974 All
Dodge B250 1984 All
Dodge B250 1985 All
Dodge B250 1986 All
Dodge B250 1987 All
Dodge B300 1975 All
Dodge B300 1976 All
Dodge B300 1977 All
Dodge B300 1978 All
Dodge B300 Van