Glass Lenses Keeping the classic OEM look

Advanced LED chips Color that looks great

Plug n Play Install

If you can change a light bulb, you can install our lights.

Glass Lenses Keeping the classic OEM look

Advanced LED chips Color that looks great

Plug n Play Install

If you can change a light bulb, you can install our lights.

Our list is good, but does not cover 100% of ALL vehicles. Don’t see your make, model or year. Don’t worry – contact us and we’ll let you know.

The VC5000 ULTIMATE is our newest and best Headlight. It has the sharpest HI/LO beam cutoff of any of our products and the HI beam throw is matched only by modern projection headlights.

The VC5000 Ultimate does not sacrifice any of the classic OEM look in delivering unparalleled output.

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This model is nearly as bright as our top of the line VC4000 but at a discounted price! It still features LEDs that are mounted in a way that exactly duplicates the location of the filaments in a Halogen bulb. This allows the VC3500 to have the best beam pattern possible while still taking advantage of all the benefits of an LED bulb.

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Due to high demand for a smaller more compact LED headlight for tight fitting applications we’re proud to introduce the all new, completely re-engineered VCm3000. We are very excited to introduce this new version of our previous VCm35, as we have been able to completely eliminate the fan and other compromises from our outgoing model.

This model uses our proven CSP LED chipset and is designed to fit in even the smallest confines.

Using an innovative miniaturized LED driver, we’ve been able to eliminate the external heatsink and fit the entire assembly within the headlight housing without compromising the beam pattern or light output.

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Our 6v model has been in development for nearly 2 years, and we are very proud to provide this option. This model utilizes a new Edison DF-4BS chipset putting out 6000 Lumens at 7.3V and above. It will also operate all the way down to 6.5V at 80% brightness. Please note that most 6V vehicles will normally generate 7.5V at idle with a healthy wiring system.

The VC6v has the same “pure white” 6500K color,  and a lighting pattern to produce no glare or interference to other drivers while providing a better lighting pattern to ensure the safest driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the headlights only sold as pairs?

    We are willing to sell individual headlights on special request.

  • Do your LED bulbs have a low and a high beam?

    Yes, the LED bulbs have a low and a high beam that are functionally identical to the original Sealed beam headlights.

  • Are the lens plastic or glass?

    The front lens is made of glass in all of our Headlight Kits.

  • Are these headlights DOT approved?

    These E-code spec headlights exceed all European and Canadian standards for street use, and are widely considered superior to U.S. spec headlights. Unfortunately the U.S. DOT never adopted the European standard (nor did they set their own), leaving a hole in the regulations. As a result, all H4’s (even E-code ones) must be designated as “for offroad use only” if sold in the U.S. Compliance with local laws is the buyer’s responsibility.