We love classic cars, and we want to help you drive safer.

We created because we wanted a safer option than the outdated sealed beam technology that we have suffered with for decades, and did not want to compromise the classic vintage look. We have these products installed in our own vehicles and trust our lives to them. We believe this is the best lighting option that exists today for classic cars.

Our list is good, but does not cover 100% of ALL vehicles. Don’t see your make, model or year. Don’t worry – contact us and we’ll let you know.


Thank you Vintage Car LEDS for the outstanding service and LED head lights. I greatly appreciate your time and info when I ordered and your follow through to offer phone assistance with the install. The install was easy and the LEDS make a remarkable difference…very pleased!

Shannon – Michigan

I had been looking at buying LED bulbs for my car for several years, but I couldnt justify the price that everyone was asking. When I saw how cheap you guys were selling them for I figured there must be something wrong with them. I took a chance and now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. I seriously grateful, these have made a huge difference in how safe I feel driving at night.

James – Texas

Another happy customer here! I consider these a must-have safety upgrade. I installed a pair of VC2800’s on my ’71 Super Beetle…as important as seat belts.
Sam – Massachusetts

Put these on my ’74 Super. Could not be happier with these. As soon as I turned them on they light up my whole garage.
If the car could sing it would probably be singing “THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC” Like it lit up the cars world for the first time in decades.
Now to get the tail lights sorted out. You guys wouldn’t be thinking of making those would ya?

Kirk – New Jersey

When I was a kid we would crank Let There Be Rock. Who knew that Bon Scott and the Young brothers were so far ahead of their time. The second part of the song says: Let There Be Light!!!!! Will let me tell you brother I totally understand what they were talking about. Because I have seen the light. Really loving the new set up. Thanks a million!
Ty – New Jersey

The led headlights fit my 73 Super Beetle like a glove. The new lights have improved my visibility 100% and I think tthey make the car look a little bit better at night. Additionally, the flat, flush bulb design looks great. Thank you for an awesome product.

James L

The low beam of the LED lights are as bright as my highs of the old Wagners I had.  The LED high beam, holy Crap! they are Super beams! There are no street lights in my neighborhood and the high beam illuminated the night to daylight! Very cool.

Pete – Virginia

I just installed a set of the VC2500’s on my 1970 Beetle. Wow – what a huge difference! I’m no longer worried about night driving.

Chris W

I can’t tell you, or your future customer how much I love the L.E.D. retro lights!

I had been looking for something like this for years, but to find vintage car L.E.D. s  was a God send!!!! For once in my life, something was actually  “PLUG and PLAY”’ like advertised.

I would recommend your product and service to all my car friends and the public. If you don’t use Vintagecarled, you lose!!!!!

Michael H

Wow is all I can say. Ordered online, came quick and simply plug and play. I did have one issue with fitment, as the lights wouldn’t adjust when in after installation. At 7pm at night I put in question on (the) website and five minutes later got an email reply asking for pictures etc. At 7:30 pm sent a few pictures of the back of the bulbs wiring etc. My thought was the lights were deeper and not allowing correct installation. Thomas emailed right back, letting me know my connectors were “way too long” and not only that, found the correct connectors online through a local vendor to me and sent me the link. I picked them up next day installation is complete and am incredibly happy with the product.

More than that though, the follow up and help from Thomas was unreal and greatly appreciated for someone with not many technical skills. Do not hesitate, this is a great product and great company.

Jarrod – California

I was really impressed by the easy installation process and plug and play of my new vintage car LED headlights. The brightness is unbelievable!!

And it is a huge improvement over my H4’s that I had in my bus. Thank you again for this great product . I’m safer for having purchased it . I highly recommend them !!!

Collin – Florida

I can’t say how satisfied I am with the customer service you guys provided me! From the day I ordered the headlights all the way to the instalation and after you have always been quick to respond and answer questions and the headlights are out of this world! The brightness and clarity far exceeds that of any other car I’ve owned. Thanks again and I’ll definitely do business with you again in any future projects I have!”

Alex M

Ever heard the phrase, “Glad I did and sorry I waited so long”. Really I was looking but couldn’t find anything and then I came across your product. My 1972 VW Beetle is a head turner since installing your vintagecar LED’s. Great product I’m definitely going to spread the word…  I’m very satisfied and count me as a loyal customer.

Gaylord B

I’m always skeptical about “modernizing” products for my Vintage Cars and it almost seemed to good to be true but the affordability made it worth the chance. I couldn’t be happier/pleasantly surprised with the level of service (had a minor issue installing due to something backwards on my cars end) and the brightness of the lights! Truly amazing. I will be ordering another pair for my convertible Ghia in the spring when it comes out of winter storage.

Steve – Washington